Dino's Dogs

If you were to create an aisle in an overseas grocery store of American snacks, what would you stock it with?

Tesco, a major supermarket chain in England, has such an aisle. Twitter user Yasmine Summan posted a series of photos from the grocery store and asked Americans how accurate it was.

The shelves were packed with a number of typical items: Pop Tarts, Twinkies, Hershey bars and Lucky Charms among them. However the one item that seemed to catch the attention of people were the hot dogs in a jar.

Definitely not the way hot dogs are sold in America.  

No surprise: the bottled version of the summer favorite comes from a European company called Dino's Famous Brooklyn Big Dogs. A jar of eight will set you back about $5 USD.  

And in case you're getting ideas for next year's Fourth of July cookout, Summan explained that the hot dogs are pre-cooked, so you can eat them directly out of the jar.

In other news

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