A new survey asked 2,000 Americans to name their favorite breakfast foods. And I really THOUGHT bacon would either be #1 or #2. 

But it tied for third place.

Apparently it's not even our favorite breakfast MEAT. It is MINE!

According to the results, the ten most popular breakfast foods in America right now are: Eggs . . . SAUSAGE, in second place . . . bacon and pancakes tied for third . . . toast . . . waffles . . . avocado . . . cereal . . . breakfast sandwiches . . . and bananas.

Avocado is the only item that probably wouldn't have been on the list a decade ago. Yes, the whole avocado toast boom is real. Don't ask me why. The survey also found 45% of us usually tend to SKIP breakfast.

The top three reasons for not eating breakfast are, "I'm just not hungry in the morning" . . . "I don't have time" . . . and, "I don't think breakfast is all that important."

But eating breakfast LATER in the day has gotten pretty popular.  69% of people said they occasionally eat "brinner" . . . a.k.a., "breakfast for dinner." 

(NY Post)

In other news

Steve Miller Band have unearthed their song “Say Wow,” one of nearly 40 unreleased tracks destined for their upcoming Welcome to the Vault box set. The Miller-penned laid-back number  was originally recorded in 1973, the same year that saw the release of the band’s hit The Joker LP.

On Sunday morning, people living in Henrico, Virginia, discovered old TV sets on their front porches. Almost 60 homes got the vintage TVs, according to ABC News.