High Heel

High Heel will perform on Thursday, July 4, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Norfolk’s Skyview Lake Park. The concert is part of the summer’s Music in the Park series.

Be prepared to kick up (or kick off) your heels to dance on the green, and head to Norfolk’s Skyview Lake Park on July 4 for fun, family entertainment.

The second of the summer’s Music in the Park series, High Heel is billed as Omaha’s No. 1 family-friendly band and will perform on Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m.

The genre-sweeping band covers fan favorites from country music to disco and ballads to rock ’n’ roll, and is fronted by the energetic Lisa Larsen. The dynamic singer is most recognized for her vocals and, of course, her high heels.

Larsen creates an interactive show that’s as charming to watch as it is to listen to. One of her signature moves is walking out into the crowd and delivering her performance within arm’s reach. At one point in the show, Larsen even invites young ladies in the audience to join her on stage, don pink cowboy hats and sing or dance along.

High Heel is now in its seventh year as a band and has appeared regularly for some of the region’s highest-profile events.

Prior to the formation of High Heel, Larsen was the lead singer for the band High Heel & the Sneekers, which toured the region locally in the early 1990s.

Sharing the stage with Larsen will be David Carabello, lead guitar and vocals; Doug Parker, keyboards and piano; Jon Packard, bass and lead vocals; and Doug Montera on drums.

Other Music in the Park acts scheduled for summer 2013 include eNVy with Natalie Thomas & Chris Saab on July 18, and Josh Hoyer & The Shadowboxers with Emily Bass on Aug. 15.

Beer and wine are allowed at the performances, and a lawn chair and/or blanket is recommended. To sponsor, donate or for more information, call Robb Thomas at 649-9977 or Stan Christensen at 371-1160 or 640-3223.

Music in the Park is presented by the Norfolk Rotary Club. Due to the upgraded musical events, the Rotary will not be putting on a pie and ice cream social this year.

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