Details for Coldwell Banker Thomas column

Now that the selling season is in full swing, I
would like to take a moment to
share some thoughts on what
sellers can and should expect in
the sale of their home.
The first cardinal rule of
selling your home is not to expect
top dollar without investing some
time and money. If you want to
sell your home without doing
anything to prep it for sale, then
you are really selling your home
in “as is“ condition. As a result,
Robb Thomas GERI,
you will get an “as is” offering
price. It’s really that simple.
One of my golden rules in providing
professional consultation to Buyer and Sellers is to
share the truth and represent them as fairly and
ethically as possible. That is absolutely essential in
getting the best value for Buyers or Sellers. A
professional Realtor® runs comparative sales
research, as well as analyzing assessed and
appraised valuations of a property, along with their
knowledge of current housing trends, to arrive at
fair market price range that will give the Seller the
best chance of selling their property, for as much as
possible, and in the shortest time possible.
If Sellers have unrealistic expectations driven
more by emotion than obtainable market facts and
trends, then they will likely be setting themselves up
for disappointment. And that is particularly true
when they attempt to market their home on their
own with no experience and little or no data to
support their price point.
When you are sick you visit your doctor. When
your plumbing or electrical service goes haywire,
you call a professional plumber or electrician. Not
to do so could jeopardize your health, life and
certainly your pocketbook. So why entrust your
single biggest asset to guesswork or a roll of the
dice. As a professional Realtor® I will always
provide consultation based on my day-to-day
experience in the marketplace. I promise to provide
you with an “as is” price for your home, as well as
ideas to make improvements or upgrades that will
maximize the value and sale price of your home
based on your budget. You’ll get options while
always maintaining control of the process.
So, make your home selling journey as stress
free and financially successful as possible. I’d love
to start a conversation with you, so please feel free
to call, text or email me anytime with your
comments or questions at (402) 649-9977 or touch
base at
Robb Thomas GRI, CRS
Coldwell Banker Dover Realtor