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I used to be proud of my apple walnut cake. It seemed like such a gourmet recipe with its various pungent spices and creamy hot caramel sauce. Handing a dessert plate holding a large square of the cake drizzled with buttery sauce to a guest usually was the cause for a few oohs and ahhs on th…

Norfolk’s Elkhorn Valley Museum is brimming with interesting and historically significant displays and artifacts. But there’s no question that the centerpiece of the museum — its drawing card — is the Johnny Carson exhibit.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The wild wind, snow and ice took out our electricity for a couple of hours last week and it was different than other times when we haven’t had power. Even though our first thought was to wish we’d poured extra pitchers of water as I was thirsty the minute the lights blinked off, we remembere…

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