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Family enjoys Thanksgiving before Christmas

It seems like every year, more and more ads for Christmas sales come out on November 1. Most people are patient enough to wait for Halloween to get over, but as soon as November 1 rolls around, people begin putting up Christmas decorations and spreading holiday cheer.

Thankfully, my family is patient enough to wait for Thanksgiving to pass before we even think about Christmas. I truly enjoy Christmas, but I definitely don't need to celebrate for almost two whole months.

Celebrating Christmas with my family tends to be very "go with the flow." Since both my parents, both my siblings, and myself all work in an animal production field, taking off holidays is not an option as the animals still need cared for.

We work Christmas Eve every year, but we only work Christmas Day every other year. Working Christmas Eve doesn't interrupt our traditions much, as we spend the night at my maternal grandparents' house with all of our cousins. Prime rib and chicken are usually on the menu, and opening presents, watching a football game on TV, and a few rounds of cards always end the night.

Christmas morning is when traditions get jumbled. Whether or not we have to work throws a loop in the schedule of the day.

Either way, we spend part of the morning at my paternal grandparents' house, again with all of our cousins. Here, Grandpa makes his "world famous breakfast." After breakfast, we open our presents. After the mountain of wrapping paper is all picked up, some go to the basement for a few games of pitch, while others find their favorite blanket for a quick nap. By 1 or 2 p.m., we are usually on our way home to have our own Christmas.

My family of five usually has our own Christmas that following evening. We have a nice meal together and open whatever presents are left. It's nothing extravagant, but it is quality time spent together as a family that I always look forward to.

Some people go all out with the Christmas decorating and traditions before the turkey even hits the Thanksgiving table, and that's OK. But, thankfully, my family never gets too worked up over all the little details and usually just spends the holidays in relax mode. This is fine with me because, in my opinion, it is time with family that is the most important during the holiday season.

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