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Fischer deserves re-election to Senate

On a regular basis — as many elected officials do — U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer shares information and opinions with her Nebraska constituents through a column.

More often that not, the columns include information about legislation that she has introduced in the Senate, co-sponsored with fellow senators (including members of the Democratic Party) or successfully guided through to passage.

Also more often that not, the bills the Valentine senator is working on deal with issues of importance and pertinence to Nebraskans, including trade issues, national security, business regulations and pro-family topics.

The impression one can’t help but come away with is of a senator who — without a lot of fanfare but with determination, common sense and perseverance — is effectively representing Nebraska.

That’s among the reasons the Daily News is pleased to endorse her re-election bid for another six years in the U.S. Senate.

Her opponents in the Nov. 6 election — Democratic candidate Jane Raybould of Lincoln — has waged a spirited campaign, although perhaps more negative in tone than we would prefer. But such is the reality when a political challenger is facing an uphill battle to seat an incumbent who continues to do the kind of work that Nebraskans seek in their elected officials.

We also have come to greatly value the way she has handled herself in regard to relations with President Donald Trump. As is the case with more than a few Nebraskans, the president’s stances on issues are something many agree with. It’s the way he goes about touting those issues that can give Nebraskans reason to pause at times.

Sen. Fischer has found a way to be supportive of the president while also letting it be known when she doesn’t agree with his tactics or words. She doesn’t engage in the same kind of saber-rattling or name-calling that the president sometimes does, and we appreciate that of her.

When listening to Sen. Fischer make a presentation or give a speech — or having the opportunity to meet with her one-on-one — we also continue to be impressed with her knowledge and grasp of a wide spectrum of issues. That’s a credit to her innate intelligence, but also of her willingness to take the time to study and research complicated matters.

Nebraskans would be well-served to return Sen. Deb Fischer to Washington, D.C., for another six-year term in office come Nov. 6.

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