Mars, Antarctica or Mount Everest Base Camp might be warmer alternatives for some Canadians this past Thursday, as the country faces an epic cold snap that has plunged the mercury to record-setting lows in many regions.

Environment Canada issued a slew of extreme cold weather alerts Thursday, with forecasts calling for daily highs in the -20 to -30 degrees Celsius range in many major cities. However, overnight temperatures and wind chill factors are expected to make it feel much, much colder – in the neighborhood of -40 C in some places, according to several warnings.

Those mind-boggling numbers are colder than some of the chilliest places on (or off) the planet. Here’s a look at some of the infamously cold locations known to humans, which might be preferable to the temperatures being recorded in various Canadian cities on Thursday.

Hell – Norway, -1 C

Antarctica – Amundsen-Scott Weather Station, -16 C

Mars – Gale Crater, -23 C

Oymyakon, Russia – coldest inhabited place on Earth, -29 C

Everest Base Camp, -35 C

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