What's the dumbest thing you worry about?

A new study figured out 91% of the stuff people worry about doesn't come true, only 9% did. In other words, less than one in 10 things you worry about is probably worth worrying about. For more:


Banger's say:


-Pretty much everything I can’t do anything about. Example other people’s safety and/ or health.

-Detroit Lions lack of winning.

-I try not to worry about too much stuff. Just makes a person unhappy.

-Sharks in lakes/pools.

-Penile ossification. ;)

-Dying alone.

-I worry about getting into a car accident all the damn time! Ugh!

-Guys named "Jacen".

-Car accident, my husband dying unexpectedly, my kids getting hurt.

-I worry that my well will go out! That I wont have water....like daily.

-If my spouse dies, should I get remarried?

-I worry about becoming one of those CSI, NCIS, SVU, whatever crime show ya wanna toss in there, and being their next TV shows. Gosh I love them, but I gotta watch those during the daytime. Haha and don’t even get me started on scary movies.

-Running out of toilet paper.

-Sharknado. Gremlins. 99 red balloons. Zombie apocalypse. Godzilla. The clintons thinking that I know something about them.

-I worry so much about natural disasters. I worry about the volcano under Yellowstone erupting or the "big one" (earthquake) hitting California.

-Worries: my house burning & something happening to my kids.

-Morning Abe I try not to worry about too many things besides my kids and grandkids but lately with the way the world has been With all the violence I get anxiety even going into Walmart or Target so mostly I worry about things I can’t control other people stupid actions.

-I worry that I will wake up, turn on the radio and Abe will be on vacation again...

-What about if they build more round-a-bouts?

-I worry about Bo Pelini coming back to coach the Huskers.

In other news

86% of millennials admitted they sometimes use their phone while driving.  That's compared to 72% of Gen Xers and 49% of Baby Boomers.