NYMHM: Fashion Poopy Pants, Pumpkin Spice Spam

1. Life's Most Stressful Moments: https://www.swnsdigital.com/2019/08/the-moving-mistakes-americans-are-most-likely-to-make/

2. Pumpkin Spice Spam: https://www.thedailymeal.com/eat/pumpkin-spice-spam-taste-test/081319

3. Fashion Poopy Pants: https://www.cornwalllive.com/whats-on/shopping/asos-customers-quick-spot-unfortunate-3194930

4. Best & Worst Deep Fried Foods: https://today.yougov.com/topics/politics/articles-reports/2019/08/13/deep-fried-politics-survey

In other news

You gotta find someone who wants to sniff you, as much as you wanna sniff them...

50% of Americans said YES, it's perfectly fine according to a recent survey asking people if it's a good idea to reward kids for doing well in school by paying them for good grades. For more: